The Wuhan Effect

In a period of 6 months, a little known city in China has become a household name. No one knew about Wuhan China. It was not in the school course. We did not have to learn about it for the ACT or SAT or for any significant purposes. Unfortunately, this little city will forever be associated with the greatest human change in recent history. The coronavirus pandemic.

In the blink of an eye what came out of Wuhan made the whole entire world cease to operate in whatever routine that we all called normal for the last century. Masks have become part of our everyday attire. In addition to parenting their children, every parent with a school-aged child has a new role. They are responsible for their school work.

Children are doing their school at home. This should not be confused with homeschooling, mainly because the parents are not in control of the learning material. The teacher provides all the material and the parent is expected to report to the teacher all that the child has done. In true homeschool scenarios, the parent is responsible for the material and the results of their child’s education.

In a true homeschool world, the parent is free to be creative and flexible to adjust according to the child’s learning style. This makes it less stressful and actually enjoyable. It becomes a lifestyle and the parent is at liberty to make every opportunity a learning moment.

I work with parents who seek an alternative to public school for their children’s education. I inspire them to align their values with the goals they have for their children. If you want to learn how to homeschool your child, feel free to contact me and I will show you how. I can coach you to succeed in this journey. It would be the best gift you can give your child.

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