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    Why We Met!

    The temperatures are in the fifties and believe it or not, it is December! In Georgia! No heavy coats, no boots, and no gloves. After all, it is the south. When most of the country is enjoying a white Christmas, the south was as brown as it can be. Last week I had a visit from my friend Cheryl who lives in Ohio. She and her family had not been to Georgia and could not believe that they could go hiking. To them, fifty degrees felt like we were experiencing a heatwave. Our friends could not believe that they had left behind four feet of snow in the ground. “This…

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    Never Seen Before

    Have you ever met a prayer warrior? The kind of person that you can always count on to pray for and with you? That is the kind of friend we all need in our corner. Have you ever thought to listen to how they pray? Do they have a certain pattern to their prayer? What does that say about them and their prayers? It is in these moments that we can learn more about the person praying and a little bit about their character. My mom was a prayer warrior. Not just one to say that I will pray for you and forget about it the minute you are out…

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    Books That Inspire Me!

    Although The Holy Bible is the first and most inspiring book to me, I do not feel that I should put it in this list simply because it is equal to none and I will not be doing the authors listed here any justice by putting them on the same list as The Bible. I believe that The Bible is God’s word to me. As I continue to travel this journey, I have come across people that, in their giftedness of writing, have made a difference in my life. I am thankful to them for using their talent to inspire people like me who find joy in written words. Intentional…

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  • Think about it!

    All Experiences Are Good

    Is it true that all experiences, delightful and bad lead to good? Really! How can a bad experience lead to good? It is easier for me to imagine how a happy experience can have a positive outcome. For instance, you have always had a dream of becoming a chef but have never taken the necessary steps to achieve your dream. After visiting a restaurant, on a Sunday afternoon, you have a meal to die for. This might inspire to go home and recreate the same meal. With your new zeal, the results are good enough that you are stirred up to start your own business recreating gourmet dishes. Next, you…

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    I feel you girl!

    Why is it easy for some people to cry while others don’t? If you come across a friend in distress, crying their heart out, what would you do? If you are like me, most likely you will start tearing up too. Why is this so? We are born with emotions and we express them in response to our mental and physical state. When we see someone cry, it could be an indication that we feel their pain, or whatever they are going through. In Galatians 6:2 we are told to bear one another’s burden.  Walk with them through the pain. Help them carry it but don’t transfer the burden. It only…

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  • Think about it!

    What are your feeding on?

    Growing up, we did not have running water in the house. We either depended on a nearby river or a neighbor’s well. The well was not mechanical with a pump and all. No. It was a manual operation. A bucket tied to a rope, thrown into the well, and when one heard the sound of the bucket hitting the water, the next feeling would be the bucket sinking in and getting heavy. That is when one knew that it is time to pull, and eventually, the bucket, full of water will surface. The quality of water depended on everyone in the neighborhood. As it often happened, if someone forgot to…

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