Never Seen Before

Have you ever met a prayer warrior? The kind of person that you can always count on to pray for and with you? That is the kind of friend we all need in our corner. Have you ever thought to listen to how they pray? Do they have a certain pattern to their prayer? What does that say about them and their prayers? It is in these moments that we can learn more about the person praying and a little bit about their character.

My mom was a prayer warrior. Not just one to say that I will pray for you and forget about it the minute you are out of sight. No. She meant it and always did it. The most fascinating thing about her morning prayer is that she always started her prayer with, “…Thank you for a new day, one that I have never seen before. Many would have loved to see it but did not…”

This phrase is engraved in my mind and it is one that I have adapted. It is so profound to me that I just marvel at how powerful those words are.

Every morning is not only a gift, but it is a miracle. What is the definition of the word miracle? According to the dictionary, it is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

And yet, do we view it as a welcome event or have we gotten so used to the act of waking up in the morning that we forget that we might not see another one again? You know how you just pick up a book at the library just because the title looked interesting? I recently did that.

The title of the book is Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I was halfway into the book and I had not thought much about the title. One day, it hit me like a brick that I literary stopped in the middle of a jog. Miracle morning. What is it? Why did the author choose this title? I do not know why but I think it is very appropriate. Mornings are the only time in life when you have an opportunity to truly start afresh. If I were an artist, I would look at a new day as a blank canvas. Very white, all waiting for me to “create” a masterpiece. We should look at our lives as a masterpiece work of art. In the song, One day at a time, there is a sentence that says, Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never be mine.

I watched my mom take her last breath. It was early in the morning, 6:32 am. It was a new day that she did not get to see (and many more). Her words were true then and they remain true to date.

My prayer to whoever reads this is that you will continue to make a masterpiece out of your life. One that you will be proud of. One that, when all is said and done, those you leave behind will say, that was an awesome art. A life well-lived. And above all. The Author of all life will say, Well done, good and faithful servant! …… Come and share your master’s happiness! Matthew 25:23

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  • Mary Moore

    Ooh wow what a legacy left by mum. Yes she lived well and shared good morals with us as children.
    I praise God, because everytime we talk or think about her, we Glorify God who was the centre of her life.