My Growth as a Mom!

It is May 10th, 2020. It is the day that is set aside to celebrate our mothers. To recognize all that they do for us. The valleys and mountains they walk with us. A special thank you goes to my children. Without them, I would not have this honorable title. They call me mom because I birthed them. I do not take it for granted because the lessons they have taught me are so precious, I am a better person because of my kids. How I have grown!!

In Prayer

I have relied on God to give me the strength to bring up His children in the way they should go. I pray for them daily and I also pray for their future husbands. I pray for their education and for their careers. They have taught me to pray and to be strong.

In Finding Joy

There is nothing like a child’s joy. A smile from the time they wake up to the time they come to give you a goodnight hug. We call it a “squeezie” because it has to be as tight as possible. That smile and a heart full of joy make it easy to forget the hard times. They have taught me to smile and be joyful.


You can’t give what you do not have. In my quest to teach them, I have had to make sure that my tank is full first before they get up. I run to the Well every morning for my fill. I have had to learn to discipline myself in so many ways. What I watch and what I read. They have taught me to stick with it and be disciplined.

In defining Happiness

I have learned to create many positive experiences for us as a family. These are things that we will remember with fondness in years to come. That is what I call happiness. Even when things are tough, I look for a way out. It can be a hug or breakfast for dinner.  They have taught me what it means to be happy.

This week, I had asked all my siblings to tell me of facts they remember about our dear mom. It was very refreshing to read all they told me. One thing that stood out most was that she gave her all and her best in everything she did. She put others first.

I saw that this is one of the most distinctive traits or call it a lesson, that I inherited from her. I have a servant’s heart.

Thank you mom. ​

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