About Me

I am Florence and I strives to follow Christ who paid the ultimate price for me.


I believe that education should be approached with intention in mind. It should also be freedom based and not out of fear. Our brains work best in an environment that we trust and feel safe. There should also be room for growth for all the participants. The students and the educator.


I had never heard of homeschooling until I had our first child. We heard about this idea when we were searching for options of what to do with the child who could read at a 3rd-grade level, but because of the birthday, we could not enroll to a school. After much prayer and research, we talked to people who had gone through this journey and 17 years later, we have not looked back.

In choosing to homeschool our children, we have been able to inspire them to be who they are, support their journey in life, and also help them navigate tough times. We have been able to instill discipline and consistency in their life, as well as provide stability in a loving and nurturing environment.

Most importantly, we have been able to guide our children on building a relationship with themselves, with each other and the community. Above all, having a personal relationship with God.


My love of helping others and seeing them succeed led me on a path that I find to be very rewarding and fulfilling. I love adding value to people’s lives and with my experience, I help homeschool parents align their values to their goals for their children, through education.¬† I help my clients get into a mindset that they empower themselves to succeed in their goals.¬† My work is through one on one or group coaching.